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How Does Your Backlink Profile and Strategy Look?

It is our goal to write timely, even seasonal, pieces on often Googled topics for our clients’ blogs. An interesting, regularly updated blog builds a network of readers over time, and these readers can easily become new customers for our clients. Additionally we brainstorm how we might get links to our client’s website from other […]
target keyword

A Little SEO Goes a Long Way When Properly Targeting Keywords

To give an example, the charts below show the before and after of a site that did not have its keywords properly optimized on its website. Check out what happened to the rankings in one week! (“Red” is a decrease in ranking position. Conversely, “green” is an increase in ranking.) Keywords not targeted on the […]
google algorithm

Follow This Criteria to Avoid a Google Manual or Algorithmic Penalty

To begin, it’s necessary to understand how Google penalties work. Google, of course, doesn’t just – poof! – make websites disappear. It makes websites disappear from Google rankings. However, since Google is the most used search engine, disappearing from Google makes your business the equivalent of invisible. You’re still there, but no one searching for […]
optimized website

Why a Well Optimized Website is Extremely Important

Many people do not fully understand the value a solidly built, regularly maintained, fully optimized website provides to a business. Assume that it’s a non-essential item, something nice to have, like a new iPad or season tickets to the theater. If my parents’ small business didn’t have a website, why does mine need one, they […]
negative reviews

What is the Best Way to Respond to Negative Online Reviews and Comments?

The internet has been an amazing tool for disseminating information which has been both good and bad for businesses. While it can get you noticed and bring you traffic (and subsequent sales), it can also be used as a cudgel by customers who are disgruntled or even, occasionally, vengeful. Consumers, put off by the impersonal […]

Why is Google+ Valuable for Small Businesses?

Small businesses are coming to realize the value of social media marketing for creating brand recognition, generating leads, and building connections with customers. But many of them feel overwhelmed by the number of social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Which ones are most important? Which should be given precedence when […]
content marketing

How Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO Connect To Make You The Expert in Your Industry

Corporate Conversions takes Google seriously when they say they want well written, relevant content, and so should you. This is the information clients are looking for online, and providing it in a regular, timely, and well researched fashion will bring you to their attention. To create and publish that content, we have developed a system […]
SEO pie

Slicing Pieces of the SEO Pie: SEO Ranking Factors 2014 And Beyond

Google uses over 200 ranking factors in its search algorithm. While Google will never reveal exactly what these ranking factors are, via our own experience, experimentation and by paying attention to what expert SEO organizations are studying and predicting, we have broken the elements of the SEO pie into the following (in order of importance): […]
landing page

The Art of Crafting Landing Page SEO and Usability

Website owners intent on optimizing their landing pages may not be aware of its importance to SEO.  More specifically, Google is believed to rank a landing page based upon how much time a user spends on average on that page.  Conversely, landing pages that have a high bounce rate may signal to Google that this […]

All About Keywords

Keyword Density and Frequency Google not only reviews how often the keyword is placed within a website’s content but where it’s placed as well. For instance, a keyword placed within a article heading and/or page title is given much more weight than those placed within content. Nonetheless, such keywords must be placed within related content. […]