The KR Group Redesign


How We Helped

Website Design/Build, Custom Development, Managed Hosting and Tracking, SEO, Local SEO

The Challenge

The KR Group is more than just a West Michigan IT consulting company – they’re a team of seasoned experts ready to help clients design, implement, and maintain technology. The vast array of services they offer has grown dramatically over the years. With this growth, The KR Group found it also had outgrown its website. As a long-standing client of Corporate Conversions, we were happy to help design a more robust online experience to allow the company to shine.

Our Approach

We spent some time with the team at The KR Group to discuss brand elevation. Our goal was to leverage brand equity while enhancing the overall look and feel and supporting design elements. With a bright, fresh color palette, carefully selected industry imagery, and an updated approach to layout, we were able to bring new life to the overall aesthetic. But the most exciting piece of this redesign was the development of interactive pieces to engage users, and the creation of opportunities for clients to connect – and feel connected. See for yourself:

Interactive Self-Selector Tools
With a slick design, a carefully developed decision tree, and the use of Gravity Forms, we developed an interactive quiz that delivers on-the-spot IT solutions. The tool queries users regarding their specific situation and scenarios, and serves up quick, appropriate answers to commonly asked IT questions. The payoff screen offers opportunities to learn more by directing the user to blog articles, and a call-to-action leading them to connect and receive a quote.


Cost Estimate Calculators
Of the many unknowns surrounding large IT projects, cost is often on a client’s list. With a simple interface and some Gravity Form logic, we were able to provide a cost estimation tool to help clients obtain an idea of monetary investment. A user simply plugs in their project requirements and a custom estimate is returned.


Ultimate Guides
Chock full of information, The KR Group’s Ultimate Guides provide chapters of knowledge around Managed IT Services. With a simple-to-use navigation panel that remains present throughout the experience, users can jump from chapter to chapter to scan information of interest. Engaging images, callouts, and ample opportunities to engage are sprinkled throughout, along with the ability to download the complete guide in exchange for an email. These Ultimate Guides truly are a win-win!


Contact Us Module
Beyond their expertise in IT, the team at The KR Group also excel in customer service - providing multiple ways for clients to connect and to receive the support they need. Calls-to-action are provided in the site header and throughout the site in general, but we took it a step further to develop a Contact Us module. This module aggregates the many ways to get in touch with The KR Group – from the traditional calling or emailing, to scheduling a meeting or filling out a support ticket. It doesn’t get easier than this!



The new design and interface was well received by both The KR Group and their external client base. What was equally impressive was the post-launch data regarding site traffic and engagement. With the site launch in May 2021, organic traffic increased by 490%! Goal completions – including forms, calls, click-to emails and PDF downloads – increased by a phenomenal 639%. Finally, overall conversion rate increased by 74%, making this site redesign a very wise investment for the future.