Google Ads

The most popular advertising network.

If you’re looking to advertise your company online, Google Ads is the best place to start. Google controls around 90% of the search engine market share and offers the widest range of advertising options. Advertising on Google allows companies to get in front of potential customers and clients when they are actively searching for your products or services. While it’s no substitute for SEO online advertising helps amplify your current marketing efforts.

Compared to traditional advertising you know what you’re paying for with PPC. Google provides a vast array of data and multiple tracking options so you know when your ads are producing sales or leads. While paid ad traffic does not have a direct effect on organic website performance a good advertising campaign can help indirectly boost SEO by bringing in engaged users to your website. Whether you’re looking to improve product sales, bring in more phone calls or increase online leads, Google Ads can help get the results that matter to you.

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform that allows users to manage online advertisements on search engines and websites that are apart of the Google advertising network.

As the largest online advertising network Google Ads can help reach customers and client that are not finding your website through organic means. Online ads provides quick results through a vast range of targeting methods and provides accurate data to measure ad performance.

Benefits of Google Ads

It's the largest online advertising network.

Provides quicker results than normal SEO

Accurately measures performance so you know what you’re paying for.

Has a vast range of different targeting methods.

Reaches customers and clients that aren’t finding your website through SEO.

Utilize Google’s data and audience networks.

Google Ads Management

At Corporate Conversions we’re experts when it comes to creating and managing Google Ads accounts. Whether you want us to handle every facet of your Google Ads campaigns or take direction from your marketing team, we tailor our management style to you.  We’re not a set it and forget it advertising agency. Our campaign managers are consistently monitoring account performance and making the necessary tweaks and adjustments to keep a healthy growth in ad performance. When advertising with Corporate Conversions, you own the Google Ads account. Whether creating a new account or taking over an existing one, we’ll send over the planned changes for review before running the first ad. Performance reports get set out every month so you can keep track of how your account is doing in an easily digestible format.


Advertising needs can change all the time. If you need to adjust campaign budgets or modify ad focus, we can make major account changes with a quick turnaround.


While there are no guarantees when it comes to online advertising, Corporate Conversions knows the recipes for the best chance of success.


While the level of involvement is up to the client we are always transparent about major account changes and provide monthly report so you'll always be aware of account performance.

While there is no cost to creating a Google Ads account, advertisers are changed when users click on active ads. There is a free option available for eligible non-profit organizations called Google Grants.

Advertising on Google Ads helps amplify current marketing efforts by getting in front of potential clients or customers online.

Ideally search engine optimization and advertising on Google will be done in tangent. However, in order to get the most out of Google Ads it's important to have a well constructed website before running your first ads.

Creating a Google Ads account is as simple as heading to, clicking the "Start Now" button and following the step by step process. If you don't already have an account Corporate Conversions can create one for you as apart of our management services.

Google Ad Networks

google search network graphic

Search Network

Often showing on at the top of Google search results, search network ads are one of the best ways to bring in high-intent users to your website. Search ads offer the most refined targeting methods and provide a number of ad extensions to help tailor your message to potential clients or customers.

google display network graphic

Display Network

Display ads reach customers browsing websites a part of Google’s display ad network. These ads are great for bringing engaged users back to your website or expanding brand awareness by targeting users across a variety of different audience lists or topic placements at a lower cost than traditional search network advertising.

google shopping graphic

Google Shopping

A must have for any ecommerce website, Google Shopping ads bring your products in front of the eyes of potential customers. Shoppings ads show at the top of eligible search results to showcase a product's price, name and company with an accompanying image.

youtube ads graphic

YouTube Ads

Reach new audiences when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. With over a billion users YouTube is the third largest social media network and has been known to influence purchasing behavior. All you need is compelling a video and we’ll handle the rest.

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