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freshness score

Your Website’s Freshness Score: Does It Need a Content Facelift?

One simple way you can increase the effectiveness of your website’s SEO and gain more traffic from search engines is to update your website’s old content. If you take the time to go over content that is outdated and give your site a content facelift, this will improve your website’s freshness score. What Is a […]
backlink strategy

How Does Your Backlink Profile and Strategy Look?

At Corporate Conversions, it’s our goal to write timely, even seasonal, pieces on often googled topics for our clients’ blogs. An interesting, regularly updated blog builds a network of readers over time. These readers can easily become new customers for our clients. Adding fresh content to a website also increases its SEO value which results […]
landing page SEO

The Art of Crafting Landing Page SEO

Website owners who focus on optimizing their landing pages may not be aware of its importance to SEO.  Google ranks landing pages based on how much time a user spends on average on a page. Landing pages that have a high bounce rate may signal to Google that this page does not have any useful […]
fresh content

Why Your Website Needs Regular, Fresh Content

When it comes to content, your website is not one and done. While it’s wonderful to invest in creating a website that reflects what your company does and the products and services it offers, you can’t leave it just as it is and expect it to continue to perform the same for you over time. […]
website analysis

Take Advantage of Our Free Website Analysis

Are you concerned that your company’s website isn’t ranking effectively for important search terms? Are you not getting the traffic and conversions your company needs for success? Corporate Conversions offers free website analysis to our potential customers, and we would be happy to do one for your site. We will let you know where you […]
social media posting

Consistency: The Most Important Social Media Posting Strategy

Companies that either do not have social media or have not optimized their social media posting wonder if there’s a secret to being successful in this marketing arena. There are a number of helpful strategies for improving engagement on social media, but the most important one is this: Be consistent. Without consistency, even the most […]
set up Google Search Console

How to Set up Google Search Console

In a previous blog piece we talked about what Google Search Console is and why website owners should be interested in using it. In this blog piece we will go over how to set up Google Search Console so you can get it up and running and begin to improve your website, your SEO, your […]
Google Search Console

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a tool that anyone who has a website should be aware of. It can be a big help in optimizing your website and your marketing and content creation efforts as well as making you aware of any site errors or problems. If you don’t know what Google Search Console is, read […]
landing page

What is a Landing Page and How Does One Work?

Creating a landing page is one way businesses attempt to quickly engage with their customers online. But what exactly is a landing page and how do you create an effective one? Technically, any web page is a landing page because by clicking on it, you land there, but for marketing purposes, landing pages are standalone […]
social media profiles

5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Businesses that wisely use social media to interact with their customers and drive conversions will want to use those social media channels as effectively as possible. One of the ways to do this is to optimize social media profiles so they will make an impact and convey the right and intended messages to their online […]